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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Media briefs

Jambo Leo, June 19, 2010
Four women have been arraigned by the Dar-es-Salaam police for conducting illegal commercial sex work. (Commercial sex work is not allowed in Tanzania, by law).

Claudia Kayombo, in her commentary says school kid pregnancy is propelled by lack of dormitory facilities, not taking punitive measures against men who prey on younger girls, and poverty, polygamy, and lack of counselling by parents.

Uhuru, June 19, 2010
Solomon Mwansele reports from Mbeya that a man has been killed by an angry mob for, allegedly, raping a girl who is primary six.

Mwananchi, June 19, 2010
Jacson odoyo reports on allegations that negligence by nursing officers at Temeke district hospital was the cause of one pregnant mother who was admitted at the hospital. It alleged that on the day of her death the nurses had asked for a 10,000/= bribe, as part of services to get medicine for hypertension. The mother of the deceased said she could not raise that amount, the nurses were angry at that and one of theme said, "you think you are very clever, you will see what wll have happened when you come back tomorrow."

Mwananchi, June 20, 2010
A feature story by Danny MWaijega claims that statistics on school pregnancy are unrealiable. This is according to research conductd by the Tanzania MEdia Women Association, TAMWA.

Mwananchi, June 18, 2010
A news analysis by Florence Majani calls for forcing all men to impreginate women with disabilities to marry them. She thinks that the government has the responsibility to ensure that disabled women are taken care of by their lovers once they become pregnant for the situation causes untold problems to the women.

Mtanzania, June 14, 2010
The Feminist Activist Coalition of Tanzania has called on the president, Jakaya Kikwete, to review his statement that girls become pregnant because of their own carelessness. The statement released by the coalition says the president needed to make critical analysis of what cause teenage pregnancy, and that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that girls remained safe, especially those from poor families.

Nipashe, June 14, 2010
A letter to the editor alleges that pregnant women in Shinyanga are forced to pay bribes to medical staff. They bribes range from 500/= to 10,000/=. The officers, according to the letter, justify payment of the bribes to cover cost of supplies when a woman delivers.

MWananchi, June 11, 2010
lack of dormitory facilities and travelling long distance to schools are cited as main causes of school pregnancy in Shinyanga. It is also mentioned that non-provision of sexual and reproductive health education in schools was another cause for most children grow with poor knowledge of their sexuality.

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