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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My husband does not favour contraceptives

Elizabeth Yusuf (23)- a Kagongwa township resident. Elizabeth said she is married to a man who had ten children before their marital union. She had her out of wedlock kid and got one baby soon after marriage.
"indeed, the man made sure I was pregnant before introducing me to the in-laws. Yuo know the Sukumu take the issue of fertility for a woman very seriously. SO the man wanted to prove that I was fertile before he was allowed to marry me."
She said her husband wanted six children out of her, but she refused and settled for four. "I will get him two more children, and that is enough for me." However, she indicated they differed on the issue of contraceptive. The man is not in favour of modern methods of family planning and contraceptives. He forced her to use traditional charms- which some women among the Sukuma use. He went as far as getting the charms for her, and she had not way but to accept them. After a while she decided to go to the Kagongwa dispensary for expert advice and decided to us loop.
"My husband was vehementy opposed to using any of the modern methods. But I forced and decided to have a loop planted in me despite his opposition." She says the man thought modern methods were not as effective and could cause some problems in her.
"I will have the loop stay until the time i find conducive to have another baby," said Elizabeth.

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