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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There is need for SRH education

The problem of teenage pregnancies has become not only contagious but it is assuming a dangerous dimension as kids of even younger age brackets afe engaging in unsafe sex and getting pregnant. Both communities and the government need to find a common solution to the problem. While parents need to talk to their children about sex values that promote safe sex and delay boys and girls sex debut, the government must engaging the school and also mass media for a kind of education which not only educates youths on SRH maters but als empowers girls so that they can be able to say no when approached by men who have sexual intentions. The school education in general must impart in girls the ambition for high educational and education achievements, and using models for the purpose.

The likeliness of girls like those in the photos who get married or pregnant at their tender and formative ages must be eliminated and completely done away with. This is not a healthy of buil
d this nation. These girls have been found in Hanang, Nkansi and Makete respectively, as young mothers and wives. They are all in their teenage.

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