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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Traditiona Birth Attendants

Traditional Birth Attendants continue to become the necessary elements in the provision of care for our expectant mothers.
In these photos we see a TBA in her delivery room and examining a pregnant mother, at Misama ward, Handeni district.
district medical officials say the TBA "problem" cannot be eliminate as long as health facilities are few, medical staff are we and enough public education is not given to sensitize community members on the need to use health facilities. In Handeni, for instance, over about thirteen thousand women have been attending clinic for the last year. Only 4800 delivered iin health facilities and 1,800 at TBA houses. But where have the rest, over 7000 gone. There is a possibility that they had delivered at home using "expert" services of their mothers or neighbours who are not trained nor have the requisite skills for managing safe delivery.

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